Data Science For The Business User


Learn to apply insights and create a real and lasting impact
Refresh your statistical knowledge
Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between Big Data Analytics and the hybrid role played by the Citizen Data Scientist within an organisation

About Data Science for the Business User

Make sense of complex data. By putting into practice the easy-to-use features of SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics we will show you how you can make smarter, data-driven decisions – without coding.

Gain the skills and expertise to use these tools to explore data, design reports, prepare data and build analytical models.

At the end of the course you will be able to quickly surface insights hidden in vast data stores. Uncover opportunities your competitors miss. Find new ways to grow revenue. Powerful, predictive analytics and visual data discovery will enable you to do more with data than ever before.

Who Should Attend

Business users who have a solid business domain knowledge, be familiar with working with data, and have a willingness to learn new methods for analyzing the data.
No programming knowledge is required
This course addresses SAS Visual Analytics software

Key Features

After this class you will be able to perform the main data-related tasks for the Citizen Data Scientist using the point-and-click capabilities of SAS Visual Analytics: Data access and data manipulation, data exploration using analytics, and building predictive models.

Course Outline

Introduction to Big Data and Analytics
Introduction to Data Science
Introduction to Statistics


Preparing For Analysis
Getting Started with SAS Visual Analytics
Using the SAS Visual Analytics Explorer
Examining SAS Visual Data Builder
Creating Complex Queries in SAS Visual Data Builder
Advanced Topics for SAS Visual Data Builder
Using the Explorer and Designer to Load Data


Analytical Data Visualization and Modeling Data
Cluster Segmentation
Models with Continuous Targets
Models with Categorical Targets
Model Comparison and Assessment


Case Study
You will be able to put your knowledge into practice with real-world scenario based examples.

Learn How To

Load data from different formats
Prepare data for analysis
Analyse data using effective data visualization
Build and compare data mining models

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